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Enrich your dog's life with Himalayan Dog Chew. Improve the relationship between you
and your dog. Help your promising puppy reach their full potential.
image homemade dog treats

Yak Chews

image homemade dog treatsimage homemade dog treats

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Lifevio believes in simple, healthy, and tasty treats for your best friend - Your Dog

"Elevate Dog Health with Lifevio Yak Chews!"

Promote your dog's well-being through proper chewing. Not all dogs chew enough, which can lead to issues. Provide appropriate chew toys for mental stimulation and dental health. Lifevio offers yak cheese chews and sticks, made from pure yak milk, free from contaminants. These natural chews benefit teething puppies and dogs needing dental care and mental stimulation. Choose Lifevio for your dog's health.

image homemade dog treatsimage homemade dog treats

Lifevio Helping You Achieve
The Healthiest, Tastiest,
Purest Dog Treats to YOUR Dog

You've tried the rest, now buy the best; Lifevio Healthiest
organic Yak Chews are Yummiest!



I have bought my adult dog many chews in the past and a friend told me about theses chews after going through a few brands.
Since my dog goes through chews quick, I was told that these chews last much longer than the other ones that I have previously tried. At first she played with it for a few minutes as if it were a toy but I took it outside and scraped up the end to rough it up and gave it back to her. She than started chewing on it for over an hour. It was about 1/3 gone. I put it away and gave it back to her the next day and again a third day. One chew gave her three nights of fun and entertainment (a total of 4ish hours) chewing on it. She absolutely loves them. Again, I have tried so many different types trying to find something that will last more than a day and these are perfect for her. I like that they don’t get really mushy and messy after she chews on them.I definitely will be buying more in the near future. One other thing, left her teeth clean and breath smelling good. Very happy with this product.

"Doggie Chews - Much Loved!"
- Anderson via Amazon

I have 2 power chewers (dobies) and one used to be power chewer (dane). They were for the birthday boy dobie who turned 6 and he shared, but not before taking off with the bag since I was not fast enough opening them.
All 3 loved these with the first chew session. Second session, only the power chewers took a chew. Photo of the 3 pieces is after the 2 chewing sessions. After 3 sessions, we are to the point where we need to put 2 pieces in the microwave as they are getting small. I usually let them chew 30-40 mins at a time. From past yak chews and other "long lasting" chews, I don't expect these types of chews to last long for my dobies. We'll get 2-2.5 hours of chewing out of each chew.
They do flake off small pieces, but the dogs take care of their mess when they are done and then check where everybody else chewed to see if they have any left overs for the taking.
I like that the total weight is included. Sometimes yak chews just say 3 pieces for dogs of XX weight. These are priced in line with others of the same size/weight, maybe a bit more affordable.
What I didn't like - nowhere on the bag could I find where these were made. I can see where they are packaged, but not made. Obviously it didn't stop me from trying these out this time, but it was a consideration and I almost didn't get these because I could not find that info in the description or photos. But, it's milk, salt and lime, so I wasn't super concerned about the ingredients and decided to give them a try.

Healthy Dog Treats
"4 paws up from the dogs"
- T. Wilson via Amazon

I opted for the 1 larger stick of yak cheese versus the smaller ones as I have a large dog. She always loves yak cheese treats and this time was no different. These are great because they're so simple and totally natural (only yak & cows milk, Himalayan salt, and lime juice). My only caution on these is that they're very hard and dogs could break a tooth or have an issue with sharp shards, so you definitely need to keep an eye on them when they have these. There's the option to soak and heat them to turn it into more of a puff type treat, which I did once it got sorta small. Once heated it is way different texture and not a long lasting bone-like treat anymore so I usually wait a bit before doing that. When given in its original form these are great because they last a really long time. My 115+ lb dog will spend a good hour laying down with one of these. I've noticed with my dog and others that they tend to be very protective of these and freak if anyone tries to take them, so they must be really really tasty for dogs to get so pumped about them. I'd recommend these. The price is about what I'd expect to pay for a large quality yak chz treat.

Yak Cheese Chews
"Yak cheese is always a hit"
- Testingtesting123 via Amazon

Natural cheese hard chews. Great treat for active dogs that love to chew. It is a way to give them something more healthy and natural.

Made from organic ingredients. My dogs love them!
-Carol F via Amazon

These are really great yak chews! They are made in California and are organic. The sizes are large and suitable for our Golden and older English Mastiff. Don’t forget! When they get smaller you can turn them into a puff treat. Just don’t put them in microwave longer than they say…burned yak chew smell is awful lol

Great Ingredients, Dogs love them!
-Amanda Suraci via Amazon

My dogs really loved these Himalayan Chews. And they have lasted several days and they are still chewing on them. Can’t go wrong with these Himalayan Chews, they are healthy too!

Dogs love them!
P.A. Collins via Amazon

Great, long lasting treat! Both my pups go crazy when I pull out the bag. Even though there's only three in there, they are quite large and will last my two 25 pound dos many chew sessions. Plus when they get down to the end, you can pop them in the microwave for a different style "puff" treat. Definitely recommend!

Pups love them!
-Rebecca P via Amazon

Love these Premium Himalayan Yak Cheese Dog Chews Long Lasting Sticks | 100% Natural Cheese Dog Chews Made with Himalayan Yak Milk, Pink Salt, and Lime Juice. You can microwave and turns into a poof.

Healthy Dog Treats
Perfect Pet Treats
-Oh No via Amazon


Your Doggy Deserve the Best treat

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